- Jury Members 2018 Edition -

Pedro Luís Ajuriaguerra Saiz

(Muskiz, Bizkaia, 1974)
A self-taught photographer, he began his career back in 2011 after discovering a passion that was unknown to him. His beginnings did nothing but kindle his growing interest which led him to explore almost all disciplines of photography, particularly those of sports photography and architectural photography.

He holds the distinctions MCEF/b (Master of the Spanish Confederation of Photography) and EFIAP/b (Excellence by the International Federation of Photographic Art) and is listed in the Who’s Who of the PSA (Photographic Society of America) in the top two in the Photojournalism category 2015 and in the top four in 2016.

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David Martín Castán

(Zaragoza 1972)
David Martin Castán is a Spanish photographer born in Zaragoza in 1972 where he currently lives and works. He began his photography career in the 90´s exploring various techniques but his interest in mountains and the countryside led him to feel more comfortable with landscape photography. His true passion, however, is night photography, with a particular fondness for the Northern Lights. Since he discovered them several years ago, he has devoted his efforts to chasing them, studying them, and trying to find the ‘perfect technique’ for shooting them, as well as the subsequent developing and processing.
He currently combines his job as a photographer with teaching nationwide in photography workshops on developing, editing, and image processing along with taking photography trips to some of the most spectacular places on the planet (Iceland, Lofoten, the Dolomites, the Canadian Rockies, New York…)

Eladio Aires

(Donostia- San Sebastián 1966)
I am an amateur photographer. I was always seduced by the magic, as if it were a 19th century villager, of stealing a moment from time. That time that advances inexorably, that does not belong to us, that has no owner. That is photography to me: an imperfect equation that relates space, time and an infinite number of other variables, which may have an infinite number of posible resolutions.

My journey in photography was reversed about ten year ago, in the middle of the digital era. It went from being an ocassional hobby to a passion. In recent years, the main driving force for my photographic activity has been nature, although i have always looked askance at many other photographic interests.

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